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Question Words on the Spot

My sister Mi made me busy 3 nights ago. I had been being in my progress on my friend’s simple translation and my mess Ms Office while she came into my room. Bringing a bunch of sheets, my feeling was starting to worry. Then... right, she asked for my help to do her course homework ASAP cuz she’s going to have Japanese exam on the next day. Well, it wasn’t a hard work and I feel thankful she still wants me to help... (note: I’m not helper, but GOOD sister )

Ok, back to topic.
She asked me about Question Words... Hmm, it’d be my lesson when i was in senior high school... don’t remember at which grade i learned. I wonder why her teacher pushed her brain too much when the material has not been explained further. My sister was confused of what the instruction should be done.
Perhaps the instruction is quite simple if you know the goal of the project. Simply its goal is that you can take the right question words to be placed on what the instruction asks. Make sure that you really understand what the function of each question word mean, here’s my simple table for question words I get from here with some addition of my own:

Question words
To ask people (as subject)
Who gets up on 9 am?
Who can wash my car in a minute?
To ask people (as object)
Whom did you laugh at?
Whom will she serve actually?
To ask information about something
What is sleeping on the sofa?
What will be submitted?

asking for repetition or confirmation
What? I can't hear you.
You did what?
To ask thing/things (as object)
(and also possession of thing if available)
What is the cat searching for?
What will she write on the letter?
To ask place
Where did Juned find my ring?
Where might Rambo go?
To ask time
When does Euis leave school?
When will you graduate?
To ask choices (pilihan)
Which shawl will we buy?
Which one do you prefer? Tea or coffee?
To ask possession (kepemilikan)
Whose geese are they?
Whose car will he borrow next week?
To ask reason
Why are they lying on the floor?
Why will you leave us?
To ask manner/way (cara)
How did you explain it?
How will the taxi accumulate the bill?
asking about condition or quality
How was your exam?
how + adj/adv
asking about extent or degree

how far
How far is Pattaya from Bangkok?
how long
length (time or space)
How long will it take?
how many
quantity (countable)
How many cars are there?
how much
quantity (uncountable)
How much money do you have?
how old
How old are you?
how come (informal)
asking for reason, asking why
How come I can't see her?

One of the example of my sister got is:

They will design their own shirt on a sheet. 
                                          1                             2

Just take a look on the example above. I have some simple steps that may help you how to make a simple question word. 

1.       Know what will be asked then choose the appropriate question word.
Look at the red example above. We will take number 2 as the sample: you want to ask about THEY OWN SHIRT. You see it is as OBJECT and a NOUN, and then see the table which question word that matches to the function.  
To know if you understand well which one, then take this quiz first or this one...
According to the table above, WHAT is the correct word to refer "their own shirt". 

2.       Make the interrogative sentence of the sentence.
Positive sentence: They will design they own shirt on a sheet.
Negative sentence: They will not design their own shirt on a sheet.
Interrogative sentence: Will they design their own shirt on a sheet?
Interrogative pattern will help you to make question word because all of its pattern use interrogative sentence, EXCEPT for asking SUBJECT.

3.       Put the question word in front of the interrogative sentence.
We know that the right question word is ‘what’, so the question will be:
What will they design on a sheet? <<------------ that's the question of the answer THEIR OWN SHIRT 
 Don't forget to erase the asked phrase ^^

See how she learned...*lol*

I hope you start to understand. But no worries, we have another task to solve. We'll 
take number 1: you want to ask about THEY. Let’s go to similar steps.

1.       Know what will be asked then choose the appropriate question word. See the function on the sentence that “they” is as SUBJECT of person. Unless you are sure, you may have a look on the table again.
2.        Because of asking SUBJECT, we don’t have to make the interrogative sentence in order to  make the question. All we need is put the word of question in front of sentence after erasing the word we ask, so the question will be:
Who will design their own shirts on a sheet? <------ answer: THEY

Got it?
Further information and addition we discuss in this forum. So let me know if you have question or suggestion.
Happy learning  ...

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